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In order to obtain the Moving Average of January 2012 thru December 2012, you have to look at the previous 12 months and then take the average.

So if you want to know January 2012, you have to take the January 2011 and combine with January 2012 and you will get the moving average for that month.

If you want to take the moving Average the entire 2013 year, then you combine entire 2012 plus 2013 and obtain the moving average going forward.

Did you know there are court mandated court orders that imposed a Splash Page, which was modified and reversed

Yes, these situations take place, and yes, the decision was reversed as the lower court’s mandated splash page order was sent to the appellate court 9th circuit.

Cons of a Splash Page

Splash Pages scare away visitors who generally are visiting for purposes of FREE SPEECH activities, content, forums, etc., where this inhibitor will bounce visitors who will end up not proceeding into the web site.

Pros and Cons of a Splash Page

Splash Page Pros are that it gives an opportunity for visitors to better understand what type of web site they are about to view, before proceeding.

Offer SplashPage software

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How can you optimize your splash page to serve as a intermediary to your web site

Showing the splash page with A/B testing will help significantly improve the CTR vs DROPOFF.  You want to know what your visitors are thinking when they see your splash page, so effectively, this can help give them the low down what they are about to see.  Welcome… SURPRISE, ENTRANCE, depends on…… your theme, animation, energy.

Shutdown web sites?



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